The Disadvantages Of Masturbation

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  • March 27, 2017
  • Masturbation is defined as the process in which one stimulates his/her genitals to attain some sexual pleasure. The process includes massaging, touching, and stroking the penis or clitoris.

    Is masturbation safe for men?

    The answer to this question is a big No. The following are just some of the negative effects men may experience when they do masturbate:

    Premature ejaculation

    When a man continuously strokes his penis faster, he gets accustomed to ejaculating faster than when they are having sex with a woman. This condition known as premature ejaculation is attained when a guy masturbates for a long time. With a premature ejaculation, it will be hard to satisfy a woman in bed, as many men prefer women to reach orgasm before they can ejaculate.

    It destroys your relationship with a partner

    As the saying goes, too much of something is dangerous, frequent masturbation can lead to a break up with your partner. This is because when a man is accustomed to masturbate till a point of ejaculation, the desire to make love with a partner reduces, as he gets pleasure through masturbation. The result will be that the partner will become unfulfilled and can end up leaving you for good.

    Can cause irritation

    When one is used to masturbating frequently, the skin of the penis can have a minor irritation. Apart from that, when stroking the erect penis and trying to bend it, it can result in a rupture of cavities that are full of blood which is referred to scientifically as penile fracture. To cure this type of condition, one needs to undergo surgery which is expensive.

    Leads to chemical overload

    Too much of masturbation can lead to the body releasing some neurotransmitters and hormones which sometimes are very essential in moderation of the body’s functions. Too much release of these hormones can lead to an imbalance which eventually causes vision issues, back pain, fatigue, hair loss, and dry eyes.

    Causes climax and erection difficulties

    Any function of the body that is overdone brings about some negative effects. Too much masturbation can cause a man not to have a full erection as before. Apart from having erection issues, there tends to be a difficulty in attaining a climax.

    Triggers hand pain (carpal tunnel syndrome)

    It is not a secret that when you use a hand in a certain position for a long time, it gets locked painfully in that position. This condition is termed as carpal tunnel syndrome. The cause of it is too much repetitive wrist motion when one is masturbating.

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