Kinky Girls Rule the World

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  • December 12, 2017
  • Are girls becoming kinkier in the bedroom? A few years ago, I don’t think that I would have sat around and talked openly about sex toys with my girlfriends at escorts in London. Now it seems so much easier to do. For the first time ever we have sex shops on the high street. I can remember a few years ago, sex shops were something that you could only find in Soho or sleazier parts of London. I think that a lot of the girls at London escorts now shop in Anne Summers.

    On top of that I think that women have become more sexually demanding as well. When a guy has not satisfied me in bed, I often find that I get a vibrator out and tell him to get on with it. Do you call that kinky? I am pretty sure that none of the girls at London escorts would call it kinky. Most of the girls I work with at London escorts would probably have a tough time defining kinky these days.

    Did Fifty Shades of Grey have anything to do with what I affectionately call the Kinky Revolution? I think that it may have helped. Not that the movie made much of an impression on us all girls at London escorts, but I do think that a lot of ladies enjoyed reading the book. Women like to use their imagination, and like one of the girls at the London escorts service I work for says, female erotic literature is all about imagination.

    I really think that sex toys is not the only way to enjoy a little bit of kinky sex. Plenty of the girls here at London escorts like to indulge in a little bit of role play as well. There is nothing wrong with that at all, and I am sure that if role play became more mainstream, a few girls at London escorts would be without a job. Still, I think that we have a little way to go on that one. But check out some of the top discount sites like Groupon, and you will soon come across plenty of “kinky” outfits. You be surprised what you can pick up on mainstream shopping sites on the Internet these days. You may even enjoy it.

    What about BDSM? Looking at the rate in which BDSM services at London escorts have been growing, I am pretty sure that BDSM will become more popular. Just like cross dressing, it has been around for ages, it is just that we have not really acknowledged our need for a bit of fun in an alternative way as I like to say. In the future I think that we are going to have a tough time defining kinky sex. I really do think that we are beginning to see sex as a way of having some adult fun, and are less hung up about calling it kinky. Mind you…. who started to call adult fun kinky sex in the first place????…

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  • May 2, 2017
  • I really do like to look after my gents here at London escorts. Most of the girls at the agency like to offer regular one to one dating. That is fine, and when I first started to work for London escorts, I did the same thing. But, over the years, things have changed and I have kind of started to bring my personality to work with me as my boss likes to say. Don’t worry, I am not scary at all unless that you would like me to be.

    Dressing up for most women is kind of a sensual experience. I like the way different materials feel against my skin, but more than anything I like the way leather feels. Not all of the gents that I meet at London escorts are into leather, but more gents than ever before, seem to be interested in trying something different. I think that dressing up in leather is great. It gives you that sort of feel that you are doing something a little bit animalistic and it really turns me on like mad. Like I say to the gents that I date at London escorts, that it makes me feel like I am in touch with a different sexual animal in me.

    But, leather is not the only material that really turns me on. I also like other natural materials and one of them is silk. Silk is great to play with and I love my little silk whip that I have bought. I think that you can mix up leather and silk, and really turn the entire dating experience into something really special. I am not going to say that all of the gents that I date at London escorts appreciate the combination, but I know that some of them do. The whip does not really hurt. If you like, more than anything it tickles a lot, and my gents at London escorts know that I really enjoy that.

    Then of course we have feathers. This is another great natural medium that you can play with, and I like doing that as well. One of the gents that I meet up a lot with at London escorts, keeps peacocks and he keeps bringing me the feathers from his peacocks. Not only do they look really great when displayed, but I like to play with them. Some of my gents at the best escorts in London agency think that I am a bit kinky when I play with the peacock feathers, but I think it is okay. They sort of really turn me on if you know what I mean.

    The reason we get turned on by many different materials is that it takes us back to our primeval sexuality, and many people get turned on by that. I think that we have always used different kinds of materials. For instance, there is nothing like sleeping under a fur. It makes you feel really good about yourself, and nice and warm. I do have this faux fur at my escorts in London, and I love to just lie on it. Sometimes I do get a bit carried away, but it is just the feel of the fur touching my skin. It is so sexy. It is also nice to sleep under, and if your feel tired, I am likely to curl up with you under my fur spread.…

    The Disadvantages Of Masturbation

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  • March 27, 2017
  • Masturbation is defined as the process in which one stimulates his/her genitals to attain some sexual pleasure. The process includes massaging, touching, and stroking the penis or clitoris.

    Is masturbation safe for men?

    The answer to this question is a big No. The following are just some of the negative effects men may experience when they do masturbate:

    Premature ejaculation

    When a man continuously strokes his penis faster, he gets accustomed to ejaculating faster than when they are having sex with a woman. This condition known as premature ejaculation is attained when a guy masturbates for a long time. With a premature ejaculation, it will be hard to satisfy a woman in bed, as many men prefer women to reach orgasm before they can ejaculate.

    It destroys your relationship with a partner

    As the saying goes, too much of something is dangerous, frequent masturbation can lead to a break up with your partner. This is because when a man is accustomed to masturbate till a point of ejaculation, the desire to make love with a partner reduces, as he gets pleasure through masturbation. The result will be that the partner will become unfulfilled and can end up leaving you for good.

    Can cause irritation

    When one is used to masturbating frequently, the skin of the penis can have a minor irritation. Apart from that, when stroking the erect penis and trying to bend it, it can result in a rupture of cavities that are full of blood which is referred to scientifically as penile fracture. To cure this type of condition, one needs to undergo surgery which is expensive.

    Leads to chemical overload

    Too much of masturbation can lead to the body releasing some neurotransmitters and hormones which sometimes are very essential in moderation of the body’s functions. Too much release of these hormones can lead to an imbalance which eventually causes vision issues, back pain, fatigue, hair loss, and dry eyes.

    Causes climax and erection difficulties

    Any function of the body that is overdone brings about some negative effects. Too much masturbation can cause a man not to have a full erection as before. Apart from having erection issues, there tends to be a difficulty in attaining a climax.

    Triggers hand pain (carpal tunnel syndrome)

    It is not a secret that when you use a hand in a certain position for a long time, it gets locked painfully in that position. This condition is termed as carpal tunnel syndrome. The cause of it is too much repetitive wrist motion when one is masturbating.

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